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By Andrew McAdams

Vacation planning on a budget is difficult for many people. Have you ever wondered how your friends and family are able to score incredible bargains on their vacations and seem to travel to exciting destinations monthly? It is possible to travel whilst adhering to a budget; it just takes a bit more planning. Here are some tips about how you can extend your vacation dollars, score airline offers and benefit from serious travel offers.

## Book Very early

Vacationers that know where they want to go and therefore act early on can score some of the largest savings on airfare, cruises and hotels. Airline offers usually are offered early in the season since companies are not able to get confirmed bookings this far in advance. If you are looking to go on holiday in July, booking your holiday in February is a wise decision . A hotel offers discounts comparable to those supplied by airlines for early booking.

## Travel Offseason

If you are looking to save a few bucks, travelling in the off-season is a good idea, not only do you save money, you also avoid the huge tourist crowds. Hotel costs will be significantly less since there are many rooms available. Hotel owners would rather have somebody in the bed paying a little bit than have it sit empty. Airfares can be up to fifty percent less in the swing months too. Major travel companies offer travel vouchers for discounts off subsequent flights for reservations made during the off-season.

## Search The Net for Sweet Deals

The Web is amongst the best places to find travel offers. Hotels and cruise ship companies often have special online rates, even cheaper that phone pricing. Many top attractions also publish two for one free coupons online which can be printed out before the holiday and redeem upon arrival. Tour companies also promote heavily online A search today shows a company that offers travel packages at half off for online booking.

## Register for Promotions

Deal a day websites are all the rage for consumers trying to save money and travel is no exception. By signing up for daily e-mails that advertise hot deals, a traveler can land deals that extend the holiday budget.

## Try a Staycation

More and more people are starting to travel locally. A staycation is a fun way to be on vacation without leaving "home". Go to the opera downtown and rent a hotel room for a night.

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