Taking A Look At What A New Zealand Vacation Has To Offer

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By Rosalind Estes

For some, taking a New Zealand vacation is only a distant dream. Make it a reality and see this uniquely beautiful country that is famous for its adventures. The variety of landscape, from mountains and rain forests, to beaches and glaciers is only the beginning of what you'll discover.

Start out in the largest city of Auckland, which is the commercial center on the North Island. The two scenic harbors, full of white sails will entice you down to rent a sailboat or take a cruise to other nearby islands. Walking tours around the city are the best way to take in all the great sights on land.

Driving south towards Wellington, the outstanding natural beauty will take your breath away. The forests and lakes are perfect places to test your camping and fishing skills. Idle volcanoes, gigantic sand dunes and national parks provide the backdrop for hiking, skiing and water sports as you continue on your route.

You can stop at the 5 national parks that are located in the western part of the South Island, along the coast. Here, you will be able to hike for miles while enjoying nature. Camping is permitted, and there are many available areas along the trails. The unforgettable glacier fields can be explored by taking organized tours, led by experts who know all about the area.

The South Island is mountainous, sprinkled with rain forests and veined by rivers. There is a breath-taking sight around every bend. And of course, these natural wonders lend themselves to the world of extreme sport. Bungee jumping over deep ravines or white water rafting through some of the most dangerous rapids in the world will make your adventure unforgettable.

In this diverse country of unsurpassed natural beauty and adventurous thrills, a New Zealand vacation is priceless. There are only 4 million people living here, but the diverse culture and rich history will surprise you. You don't have to jump off a ravine to enjoy it, there's something for everyone.

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