Tips For Enjoying Air Travel

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By Roger Gray

Many travelers undergo unnecessary stress because of unavoidable mistakes and poor planning. Traveling via plane and checking into airports can be stressful enough without adding anything else to the mix. So why not do everything in your power to air travel as easy on yourself as possible?

If you follow these seven suggestions you can help yourself make your next flight as comfortable as possible.

Think positively. Strange sounding I know, but it works wonders. Entering the airport you should feel that today will be a good day, that everything will slot into place smoothly and that all the assistants you need to talk to will be in a good mood and want to help you. Everything will run smoothly if you are expecting them to.

Slip-on shoes - essential footwear Lets all face it, getting through security these days requires you to do a slow striptease in front of a terminal of strangers who are all going to go through the exact same thing and are all wanting you to hurry up so they can get on with their day. Wearing slip-on shoes makes the whole taking off your shoes part of airport security a lot easier.

Use wheels for your carry-on Think of this as your wheeled airport survival kit. Even if you have luggage to check it is still a great idea to have this wheeled carry-on bag at your side. If you carry all the little bits you might need during your air travels in a bag over your shoulder then you can find your movements restricted and your shoulders quickly becoming tired. Instead of this, you can use your wheeled carry on as a sort cart for all the extra items you may pick up during your stay in the airport such as food, drinks or magazines.

Bring snacks. You can buy food at the airport if that is easiest for you, but it is a good idea to bring food that is healthier than the high fat, high card low nutritional value snacks that are served on the plane.

Drink. Drinking lots of water whilst flying will help you to feel better about the whole experience. The air on your plane is very dry and because you are in a sealed and pressurized environment the air is recycled throughout the flight. This means that your breathing in a lot of not very nice stuff and drinking water helps your body to deal with this.

In flight noise-canceling headphones are a must. I don't think that there is anything else I can say but wow! Noise-canceling headphones are a great investment for anyone who want to travel in quiet comfort. Planes are not the quietest way to travel. The combination of powerful engines, crying babies and talkative neighbors can really be a headache. And yet these noises that are so overpowering will become nothing more than background whispers when you are wearing noise-canceling headphones.

The importance of disposable entertainment. During a layover or on your flight there are any number of activities that you can use to fill your time with. Watching television requires a credit card, puzzles require a pen and your laptop has a limited charge in it's battery. I'm sure you understand. Picking entertainment that is easily carried and easily stopped and started again is a great idea as that may happen quite a bit as you progress through your travels. It is a good idea to buy yourself a magazine to read, because it doesn't matter if you lose it as you can easily replace it.

With these suggestions in place as well as your survival kit well stocked your air travel worries will just fly away.

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