Travellers Should Have Health Insurance

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By Jane Ericson

Liaison continent insurance is also referred to as visitors' health insurance. Liaison continent is medical coverage for people traveling outside of their country of origin. It is very important that people are prepared in the event of an emergency illness and/or injury.

This kind of insurance covers various illnesses and injuries plus pre-existing conditions. Usually these policies cover a certain period of time. Generally, this is about six months. People who travel a great deal of the year should look for policies that cover longer periods.

Policies are available that cover amounts ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Some policies have limits on the amount of coverage for people age 80 and above. Deductibles are for each person covered and each period and range from $100 to $2,500. It is up to the customer to choose what plan fits his/her needs.

Most medical policies of this kind cover medical tests and procedures, hospitalization, plus prescription medications and doctor's fees. All details and fine print should be read in order to ensure that the plan does indeed fit the client's needs. If any details are not comprehensive, customer service should be contacted for interpretation.

Live customer support should be provided by the company, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If no live person is available, it can be very exasperating and defeating. Automated services are not enough and will only compound the customer's frustrations.

Many times if there are grievances pertaining to claims, only courts in the country where the plan was purchased will attend to them. Considering this may not be the country where the treatment was received, it is vital the customer guarantees the company is based in that country.

Something else to think about is that a number of countries will not accept health insurance purchased in a foreign country for medical treatment. This is an additional cause to consult a live person in the customer service department. Any case in which something is not clear is reason to contact someone in the customer service department. The insurance policy should not be taken into consideration if that company does not provide live customer service.

Most of the time liaison continent insurance reviews are geared towards individuals traveling in and out of the United States. A large number of people immigrate to new countries every day and their relatives visit them multiple times per year. This is not just related to the United States. Many of these visitors never set foot in the U.S. It is important for clients to guarantee that they will be insured in the country that they will be visiting.

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