Understanding What Is Aquaponics Design.

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By Edward Richardson

Aquaponics Design is a man made scientific name, for what mother earth has been doing since the beginning of time. People are beginning to realize the potential a system like this can have. Not quite into the mainstream yet, aquaponics are fast coming to the forefront of the agriculture industry.

The basic science is creating a controlled environment that houses small marine life, as well as plant life to sustain each other. Simplistic by definition of the word. After all mother nature has been doing this since the beginning of time. The best teacher for this type of project is all around us. Just look at the ecosystem of any lake pond or river.

This type of an undertaking can have many important impacts on our environment. For one it's a way to make a replenish-able food supply. It adds to the populous of plant life which is never a bad thing. It uses natural aquatic waste from animal life to feed plants, which in turn clean the water for the animal life. This is done with the circulation of water through the plants root system and back into the aquarium containment.

Systems like this have a wide range of applications but have yet to make it into main stream popularity. There is a bit of work involved to build an aquaponics system but it can be done rather inexpensively. The cost to set one up will depend on the scope and size of the system.

You'll need a tank to hold the animal life and a planting bed to hold vegetation. Piping to and from each of these locations and a pump to move the water. Some incorporate a timer to allow automatic operation. Basically that's it. There is nothing to feed as the system should be self supporting.

The climate in the area you live in will decide for you if you can do this outside or not. If not then small systems can be built indoors that take up very little space. Prepackaged systems are available that take up only several square feet. These can even be built in an apartment or flat and still produce positive results.

If you'd like to get your aquaponics design implemented in a hurry, there are ready made systems that will put you in business in a day or so. Building your own will take a little longer but give you that much more satisfaction from knowing how much you are doing for a world that needs us to be vigilant and resourceful to help it sustain the human race.

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