What makes a great team building event?

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By Rick Ashley

In order to work together effectively and efficiently as a team, your employees and colleagues need to engage in a certain level of bonding. In some work environments this happens naturally, but in others, you may need to plan some team building activities and events to encourage your employees to get to know each other better.

The planning of your team building weekend is very important, as the best and most successful of these events are those that are organised and planned meticulously. Along with a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your event, you will need to have a schedule for the weekend.

Exercises, tasks, challenges and other activities are all vital parts of team building weekends. Having to work together to solve a puzzle or overcome a set of problems will encourage your team to work together and use each other's strengths to their best advantage. What they learn whilst doing this will help them greatly once they are back in work once the event is over, helping them to become a stronger and more bonded team overall.

You will need to include some downtime between events in your schedule, however. Without a break in a packed schedule in which to relax, your team will be unable to socialise and build strong relationships.

To allow your employees to relax at night after spending the whole day getting muddy and cold outdoors, as they complete the activities and tackle the challenges you have set for them, you may want to book them a comfortable, luxurious hotel to stay in.

This is why you should choose the best hotel you can afford in which to house your team during the weekend. There are many hotels in Leeds, in particular, which have facilities specially designed for groups on team building weekends.

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