3 Crucial Scuba Diving Techniques to Keep in Mind

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By Judy Smitson

The beginner scuba diving enthusiast will undoubtedly go through a stage where simple mistakes and oversights are the norm. That is why pairing-up with a more experienced diver is always a great idea. Not only will you learn the little things that can make a difference, but your underwater adventures will be safer. For example, you have to get in the habit of making checks at the right times. If you are heading out on a boat for a dive, then do an equipment check before getting on the boat. Make sure you have everything you need before leaving the dive shop. Also, if you are renting scuba gear, then be certain everything fits properly with no exceptions.

Making proper adjustments so you are at neutral buoyancy are a must for any diver. But one important point is to take into account your wetsuit and the effects of depth on buoyancy. Your wetsuit will lose buoyancy the deeper you descend due to the bubbles compressing under the added pressure. At shallower depths you could very well feel underweighted. However, the deeper you dive that feeling will change for the reasons just mentioned. That is one good reason to buy your own wetsuit if you plan to dive in waters that require it.

Getting used to the same wetsuit, and how it reacts to buoyancy is why to own a wetsuit. You will be required to get acquainted with your buoyancy compensator. Patience is a virtue, being too anxious or impulsive could be catastrophic. Your endeavor ought to be taken in baby steps and at every step of the way, taking into consideration the impact of it all. The addition or decrease of air from your BC will not enact an instant response. This will literally take a few seconds at most. Some people have no realistic conception of time. In as much, never let you BC become too much inflated or deflated, either one.

Although this rule is avoided, sometimes by veteran divers, it is always important to do scuba diving with a buddy. SCUBA divers will often call their diving partner their "buddy"; they are basically a close friend. Basically, it is just common sense that you want to have someone with you when you're going into the water. So even if you do know the waters very well, you still need to take a friend. By having a friend with you, each of you can look out for the other at all times.

Never abandon your buddy because you decided to check-out something interesting. Use proper communications and stay within a safe distance from your friend. This is really serious because you never know what can happen, and your buddy may be able to save your life, or vice versa. You will find all kinds of rules, regulations and safety tips associated with scuba diving. We hope it is more than obvious why they exist. Yet, divers routinely discover they can shave corners here and there for various reasons. Never cut any corners and take unnecessary risks because a situation can deteriorate very quickly and produce deadly results.

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