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By Linda Patterson

Eventhough Belize is a small country which sits in Central America and surrounded by Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea as well as Mexico yet it is a place where the ancient Mayan Ruins are found. The country is significantly small, spanning only 8,867 square miles, approximately the size of Massachusetts.

Though small in size yet you can find a lot of astonishing sights in the area. The ancient destinations along with the natural wonders of Belize are compressed together tightly that anywhere you look, you will find excellent adventure.

Looking Into The History, Culture and Adventure Belize Has To Offer
If you are in Belize, why no go out on an adventure and learn about its culture. You can't simply visit and see the places without being drawn in to the history that shaped the present Belize culture. You certainly will be pleasantly surprised to uncover that it all dates back to 250 AD, back during the heights of the civilization of Maya.

Ancient Mayans
Many archeologists believed that the indigenous Maya were the first people to have set foot and settled in Belize. Even now, the vibrant cultural treasures, artifacts, and ruins remain existing across the country. In the summit of the great civilization of the Maya-the Classic Maya era (250-900 AD), to be exact-the people of Maya built several nearby settlements in Belize. Stone structures, pyramid-temples, burial mounds, and also palaces that could have been the core of governance of the smaller cities in Maya, were found by European explorers several hundred years right after the fall of Maya, in 1500 AD. It was stated that the abundance of the Aztecs along with the arrival of Spanish explorers during 1500 were claimed to be the cause of the downfall of the Mayan civilization

Even so, the history as well as the culture of the Maya continued to be and were handed over the folks of Belize, which became the essential structure for current Belize culture.

Belize and Its Mayan Ruins

Positioned amongst the borders of Guatemala and the Belizean half of the Peten tropical forest, Caracol is in all likelihood the most essential Mayan site all over Belize. Thousand-year-old structures of fantastic palaces stand as proof of the truly great kingdoms once lived there. It was stated that Belize was once the seat of power of one of many very important kingdoms of Maya. Political struggles existed concerning the southern lowlands of the Maya which were resolved in Belize. Additionally it is where several of the ruling bodies aided manage the governance of Maya.

The positioned armies of Caracol were a force to be reckoned with. Archaeological evidences illustrate that the kingdom in Caracol was the one that in the end subjugated Tikal, is said to be another vital kingdom that once thrived in the land now often known as Campeche, Mexico.

If Caracol was acknowledged for its power, Lumanai was noted for its achievements. Lumanai, a spanning settlement of Classic Maya situated along New River, in Orange Walk District, is just one of the longest-occupied settlements in Mesoamerica.

Present in Chetumal Bay, north of Belize, Cerros is probably the initial Maya archeological site founded in Belize, throughout the Late Pre-Classic Maya, around 250 or 300 AD.

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