Best Shark Swimming Spots

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For adventure hunters, diving with sharks tops the bucket list. A sport which has become more popular as the shark population dwindles (generally from over fishing and cultural delicacies). Lots of folks want to see sharks in natural settings before they disappear.

Seeing a shark can be simple (and safe too). Here are the 5 best shark diving destinations to visit sharks ranked from 1 (safest) to 5 (more dangerous). This list does not include the places with the most shark attacks (like Florida or the Gulf of Mexico), rather places that travellers can swim with sharks as safely as possible.

La Jolla, California OR Hin Mu Sang, Thailand (Level 1)

The safest shark to swim with is certainly the leopard shark which can be found in Thailand and southern California. Leopard sharks are the safest sharks to swim with because they're extremely cooperative and don't have massive mouths. They grow to be about 4 feet long and typically forage for clams, crabs, shrimp, and fish eggs. In La Jolla, California, leopard sharks hang around the tide areas close to the swimmers with the sting rays. You can swim (or wade) with leopard sharks in your swimwear.

Ningaloo Bay, Australia (Level 2)

Whale sharks frequent Ningaloo Bay, Australia. These cooperative creatures are the biggest sharks, and are really calm and semi-safe to swim with. However, you face the risks of running across a big aquatic creature in the untamed open sea

Cocos Island, Costa Rica (Level 3)

Cocos Island is famous as one of the very finest shark diving locations on the planet. The kinds of sharks that are attracted to this area is the hammerhead shark which is a very unique shark to dive with. You can also swim around waterfalls and other natural treasures.

West End, Bahamas (Level 4)

The Bahamas is the spot for you to go if you would like to swim with multiple sorts of sharks from Great White sharks to tiger sharks to lemon sharks. You can swim on cage free tours where tour guides bait the water, and let you swim with the sharks.

Gansbaai, South Africa (Level 5)

The shark of all sharks is the Great White shark, and Gansbaai, South Africa is right along "Shark Alley." Shark Alley is so deadly that you are obliged to swim within a cage (but let us be truthful, even then a 16 foot Great White can still get you). This is the "Great White Shark Capital" of the planet as it has the biggest population of baby Great Whites. Gansbaai is the spot feted for the Great Whites breaching above the water in crazy aerial stunts in order to catch nimble seals.

Perhaps, the same level 5, other great spots to see sharks include Farallon Islands outside of San Francisco, CA (where supposedly the biggest Great White sharks go to feed), the Great Barrier Reef (though bleaching due to climate warming has made it less of a gem), the Maldives (one of the safer places to shark dive), Papua New Guinea, and Point Judith, Rhode Island (where you can catch a glance of the rare Blue Shark).

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