Here's Why You'll Love Your Next Hot Air Balloon Ride

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By John Wright

Are you looking for a flying experience that does not involve wings and propellers? If so , then you need to actually consider Hot Air Balloon Rides. Actually do you know that the hot air balloon uses the oldest technology for human flight?

In the latter 1700s, 2 Frenchmen (the Montgolfier bros) invented the "modern" hot air balloon. Over 2 centuries later on the experience of riding in such balloons has stayed as thrilling as ever.

These are some of the key benefits of a ride in a hot air balloon:

1. It's unique

While you have several different flying options, balloon rides are definitely one of the most stirring types practical. They are much slower than trips in 'copters or aeroplanes, making hot air balloons perfect if you need to enjoy a chilled tour of a selected area. Such tours can offer an one-in-a-million experience to celebrate red-letter events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and such like.

2. It's safe

Due to hot air balloons' technology being more basic than other forms of flying, you may be wondering: are they safe? Not only are balloon rides safe, but they're among the safest ways you can fly! That should certainly be reassuring for anyone that wants their flying experience to be as safe as practicable. Both the hot air balloon pilots and the balloons themselves must meet thorough safety standards. This'll help to offer you peace-of-mind while increasing high in the sky.

3. It's (relatively) low

While hot air balloons fly over treetops, they often hover below 3,000 feet (about 915 meters). This range provides numerous advantages. It permits the pilot to maneuver the hot air balloon at an optimum height -- thus making hot air balloon rides as safe as practicable. That's not all! The relatively (in the world of human flight) low level of flying will provide help to provide peace-of-mind for those travelers who are somewhat unsure about any flying experience at all. By selecting a ride in a hot air balloon, you can soar through the sky?without feeling like you're soaring to outer space.

4. It's relatively motion sickness-free

Motion sickness during balloon rides is virtually non-existent. That is because during the majority of the trip, the balloon travels at The speed of your environment. The one time that motion sickness is possible is in the take-off and landing of the balloon. These events have a tendency to last only a few minutes, so that the risk is small. What's the bottom line? Few folk experience motion illness during hot air balloon rides, so it's highly unlikely that you would either.

5. It's affordable

Yes, hot air balloon trips won't be as inexpensive as hiking along the areas below them. That said , they're much cheaper than other modes of flying,eg through helicopters and airplanes. So that's definitely a bonus whether you are on a shoestring budget, or simply wouldn't mind saving some cash during your holiday. Indeed, "Money isn't everything." That said , it is a benefit when you can save cash on travel costs.

6. It's snug

Since hot air rises, you should expect the temperature in the air to be steamy, right? It's possible , though not guaranteed [*T]. That's because during hot air balloon rides, the temperature round the hot air balloon will basically be the same as the ground temperature. In reality it will probably be just a bit warmer. What about the wind chill factor? Since the hot air balloon will be traveling at the same speed as the winds surrounding the vessel, the wind chill factor is disposed of. What's the final analysis? If you're going to fly in the summer, make efforts to fly at sunrise.

7. It's the perfect photo-op

If you decide to go on a hot air balloon tour, you will likely require the memory of your experience to last long after the actual tour. While there are exceptions to each rule, snapping during such trips is usually allowed. This gives you the ideal opportunity to capture the amazing sites that you like during your balloon trip forever.

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