The History Of Horse Racing And The Different Types Of Races

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By Byron Jonas

The history of horse racing dates back to 4500 BC. Nomadic Tribesmen in Central Asia domesticated the horse and paved the way for this sport. Chariot races were introduced during the Greek Olympics and Roman Empire eras. In the 12th century Arabian horses were brought back with English knights returning from the Crusades. These fast horses helped to develop the sport as we appreciate it today. It was recognized as a professional sport during the reign of Queen Anne in the 1700's.

Thoroughbred racing also known as flat racing is one of the more popular races currently recognized. This type of race is conducted on a flat oval track. They run a distance not to exceed a mile and a half.

Thoroughbreds were conceived in England by breeding imported Arabian and Turkish horses with English lines. Almost all thoroughbreds can trace their bloodlines back to one of three founding sires. They can reach speeds just shy of 40 miles per hour. They have nervous temperaments.

Quarter horse racing is on a flat straight track approximately a quarter mile long. Competitors in this race are bred to sprint short distances. The American Quarter horse actually got its name because of the length of the track. Because the early colonists did not have the money to build a real race track they decided that they would flatten a quarter of a mile of land and enjoy the sport less expensively than the English.

The Quarter horse is a cross between English Thoroughbred horses with Native American breeds that descended from Spain. They are used for racing, rodeos and working ranch horses. Their compact bodies and quick maneuvering make them ideal for herding cattle.

Harness racing is a type of racing where the horses are only allowed to trot or pace while pulling a cart. Standardbred horses are the competitors in this race. The difference between this breed and the Thoroughbreds are that they have longer bodies and shorter legs and their temperaments are very calm.

The Standardbred is a concoction of several breeds. Contributors to this breed include Thoroughbreds, Morgans, Hackneys, Canadian Pacers, Norfolk Trotters and Narragansett Pacers. They were bred to complete the race in the standard two and a half minutes. How their name originated. Many have completed the mile in faster times since the regulations for registering them was created. There are many more aspects to be explored in the history of horse racing like training, betting and popular races of today.

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