How do deal with a Turkish Bath

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By Catherine McCulloch

Taking a holiday to Turkey, especially to a hot spot like the resorts of Antalya Province where you're reminded of its Roman past around every beautiful corner, an authentic Turkish Bath experience can be one the most unique and extraordinary memories of your trip. If you're staying in any of the luxurious hotels in Side Turkey, the front desk can direct you to the best baths of the area while also helping sort out any possible language barriers before your bath visit.

Also in the same breathtaking region, if you're looking for a more European-friendly bath experience, most Belek Hotels have their own. Though if you're after a more traditional experience and chance to integrate with local culture, it may be best to venture outside the resort.

Originally brought to Turkey from Roman steam baths, the Turkish bath- or Hammam, meaning "spreader or warmth" in Arabic - is a unique and invigorating experience for anyone daring to try. Tweaked from the Romans and spread across the Arab world from as far back as 630 AD, its cleanliness and heat was believed to have extreme healing and fertility powers.

Today, many doctors believe a Hammam experience can help promote weight loss, boost the immune system, and even increase energy levels. Despite the benefits, the thought of being scrubbed by a stranger in a communal setting can be a bit off-putting without knowing what to expect first. So what should you know before your visit to get the best results from a Turkish bath?

First off, you'll be brought into a steaming hot room to open the pores. Following that comes the most important part , however it's also the least relaxing. You'll be led into a room with others where you'll lie by a basin on a large stone slab and be scrubbed vigorously with a coarse mitt. Don't be alarmed at all the dirt that appears to come off your body - it's all part of the process, and it means that the scrub is doing its job well!

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