Relocating to New Zealand for better opportunities

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By Sylvia Montague

Immigration is not something that happens overnight, and if you do decide to make a move then chances are it will have been on the cards for quite a while and you will have put a great deal of thought and preparation into your move before you commit to travelling halfway around the world.

In some cases people choose to spend time in their chosen country before moving to make sure that they can adapt to the lifestyle and find job opportunities and if you are looking to move to New Zealand then there are a range of visa options that can help you to do this.

Lifestyle, work opportunities and the educational system are three main elements that you will take into account if you are looking to emigrate to New Zealand. If you are considering looking at job opportunities then a temporary visa such as a Work to Residence visa could be the perfect option for you. For a period of up to 30 months you are eligible to apply for jobs from accredited employers within New Zealand and if you like the job that you have and decide to stay then you may apply to extend your visa or convert it into residency.

Aside from workers on the general skilled migration program, you may also consider applying for a visa of this type if you have a special registered talent - perhaps as a sports person or in the field of arts or culture - this can be another way that you can obtain residency within New Zealand.

As with most visas in New Zealand, if you have a job offer when you go to apply for a job then you are more likely to be successful with your visa application. You are also more likely to have a wider range of visa options available to you if you have an existing job offer ready to go, rather than if you are trying to enter New Zealand and look for a job when you arrive.

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