Survive your first trip to Spain with Baby's first holiday

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By Catherine McCulloch

Whether it's Spain for fun in the sun down by the sea, or getting away from the gloom of British winter (or, let's face it, summer), or getting your baby travelling as early as possible, there's no doubt that heading away on holiday as a parent can be a trying experience. When you get there, Costa del Sol and Majorca are both excellent, with lots of Magalluf hotels well-known for being particularly family friendly. The trick, however, is getting there in one piece.

Before you book an international flight, don't forget that your baby will need a passport to travel overseas, no matter how young they are. It will be valid for five years, and it's worth the minor hassle and 50 fee. It should come through within just a few weeks, so make sure you factor this time into your preparation for going away. Most airlines will allow babies as old as two days to fly, although it might be best to wait at least a few weeks after birth to decrease the chance of any complications.

Aside from the usual nappies, sunscreen and bottles, it's other little things that could make or break the easy factors of your hard-earned holiday. Many places, for example any of the very family friendly Torremolinos hotels in Costa del Sol, can usually provide cribs, or even baby-proof rooms for curious toddlers. It might be wise to bring spout covers for the bath, tape to cover any power outlets, and a blanket and stuffed animal for bedtime.

Even Spain in the height of summer can have the occasional chilly evening, so packing a light sweater or a pair of socks might be a good idea. Activities: some family friendly spots like Benalmadena hotels and resorts in Costa del Sol offer babysitting, day care, and even organized playgroups, dependent on the age of your little one. This could help give you a couple of hours off to sunbathe with your partner, or enjoy some slightly more adult activities.

Spain has some of the best beaches in the Med, offering plenty of sand and warm, shallow waters for your toddler to splash around in. Dining out is also very family friendly, with most Spanish families big on including their kids in the mealtime festivities. The food is simple for babies old enough, with lots of seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit to appeal to their tiny pallets.

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