Three of the Best Adventure Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation

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By Lucas Everheart

Are you having a hard time deciding where to go on your next vacation? Are you sick of visiting the same place over and over during your time away from work? There is only so much shopping, gambling and beach lying that a person can do, right? Has the thought occurred to partake on an adventure travels vacation? These are trips that are designed to put you out into nature, to test your boundaries and to keep you active. Many people save up for years to be able to go on the more extensive adventure vacations. By happy chance, there are some that don't take an arm and a leg. These are some magnificent options for your next trip.

If you enjoy being outside and using your survival skills to live off the land, why not try an Australian Walkabout? These have gained popularity since one of the main characters form the television show Lost attempted to go on one. The idea behind an Australian Walkabout is that you and your fellow adventurers head out into the Australian Outback with a guide. When you go on a walkabout, you are living off the land in its entirety. You search for your own food, construct your own shelf from the items you can find outside and take on any "elements" that could come your way (weather, animals, etc). It would be like extreme camping and can bring great satisfaction.

If you're an enthusiast of extreme adventure travels, why not try out a hot air balloon trip someplace? Have you thought about a white water rafting adventure? Have you kicked the idea around of Bungee jumping? Some people enjoy a rush of excitement from skydiving. Obviously there are places to do this in almost every town. With an extreme adventure vacation however, you can go skydiving over the Grand Canyon. Climb in a hot air balloon and take an excursion over the Australian outback. When you decide to go to the extremes the entire world can be your jungle gym. Many extreme vacationers are attracted to India, for paragliding. Why not try that out?

Has the thought of a deep-sea fishing trip ever crossed your mind? Most people don't think about fishing, when they think about adventure travels. However, when you are in the middle of the gigantic blue ocean fishing is a different sport. In addition to maneuvering the catching of a big fish, you are fighting the elements of the sea. Possibilities are endless when you're out at sea. After you decide what type of deep-sea fish you want to wrangle into a boat, you'll be able to figure out your destination. However, if you would rather, you can also choose your target location by the climate and "home base" scenery. One hallowed destination for deep-sea fishing is Hawaii.

Adventure travels do not have to be extensive, expensive or extreme. Some of them provided daytime adventures, while bringing you back to a pleasant place to spend the night. The main purpose of an adventure vacation is to have an exciting time and get your adrenaline going. Advantageously, there is something for almost every adventurer to participate in - even if there vacation time is limited, in which to accomplish it. When the time comes to layout your next vacation plans why not think about taking a walk on the adventurer's side? Next time, you can opt for the relaxing spa.

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