Vocation Destinations in the Arab Emirates

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By Jessica Smith

Traveling the Arabian Promontory can be quite an expedition, with 3 locations vying for attention in the Arab Emirates region. If you travel around UAE it's usually possible to use cheap car rental service.Each offers quite a bit of attraction for holiday makers, with a collection of features unique to each town.

Abu Dhabi

Located in the Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is man-made gem in the desert. As the capital city of the country, Abu Dhabi is an architect's museum of building design and styles, each paid for by the states leaders and property owners. Some standouts include the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the ADIA Tower. The Abu Dhabi waterfront is also unusual, and it becomes the prime event location for the Red Bull Air Race World Series when the tour is in the city. In terms of events the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix brings out thousands of car-racing backers inquisitive about seeing Formula 1 competition on a high quality track.


Dubai has a long history, being first established back in early 1800s, and many of the city's locations reflect this past. Al Fahidi Fort represents the oldest remaining section of Dubai and also includes the Dubai Museum, with many related artifacts of the region's history.

For those who want to see what synthetic construction can do in the water, Dubai is home to three major projects of top-end residential development. From the sky one can see they represent different shapes like a desert palm tree and the continents of the planet.

At various times of the year Dubai is a main center for world competitive sports. The world Rugby 7s championships are held in town annually. In addition, 2 major tennis championships happen continually as well. Dubai is also making a pitch for the summer Olympics sometime in the following decade.

Al Ain

Located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain represents the region's 4th biggest city, but it is also likely the greenest destination. The town offers masses of architectural and historical tourism with multiple forts and museums. It also represents a short getaway destination for many from Abu Dhabi and Dubai for their own vacations.

Not to be left in the dark, Al Ain also claims home to 3 major shopping malls, also boasting their own line of high class goods as well as local goods and tourism attractions.

Sports-wise, football is a gigantic entertainment. Al Ain has its own soccer club with a very successful win record and reputation in the Arab peninsula.

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