Enjoiying The beautiful Of Jatim Park

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Jawa Timur ( Jatim Park) Park is located on Jl. Kartika number 2 Batu city of Malang is offering a new entertainment for all age. For all children, adolescents and grandfather or grandmother. This tourism is prepared as a family tourist attractions in East Java. To go to the location Jatim Park is not too difficult. The object is only 2.5 kilo meters from the center of Batu City. Tourism that have about 22 hectares of wide and the altitude of 850 meters above sea level, storing a wide range of knowledge, entertainment as a means to play.

Jawa Timur Park may is said the most completele tourism in East Java's, because in addition offering tourist places is also for learning activities so we will get new knowledge beside having fun. This can be seen from the various facilities provided by Jawa Timur Park, there are at least 36 kinds of facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors. Prior to enjoy all the entertainment facilities, at the time of initial entry locations will be assigned a dish Gallery archipelago. After, we can go to the Garden History that contains a miniature of temple in East Java such as Temple Sumberawan (Singosari- Malang district), custom house Kiai Hasan Besari Ponorogo and Stupa Sumberawan

Other facilities that can be enjoyed is Agro Park that providing the plants and fruits rare, Animal dioramas, is contain the animals that have been preserved unique facilities such as playing bowling, throwing the ball, disco scooter, food center,Ken Dedes and Ken Arok. And many more.

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  1. hi thanks for hopping at my site, nice travel blog, i wish i can visit this place someday. have a great day.


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