Traveling To Bromo Mount

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Mount Bromo (from Sanskrit / Old Java has the meaning of Brahma, one of the Main Hindu god), is a volcano that is still active and most famous as the tourism in East Java. As a tourism, Mount Bromo to be interesting because of its status as the volcanoes are still active.
Bromo has a height of 2392 meters above sea level will be in four areas, namely Probolinggo district , Pasuruan district, Lumajang district , and Malang district. The form of the body of Mount Bromo is mesh of sand between the valley of about 10 square kilometers.
Mount Bromo crater has a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area a circle with fingers 4 km from the center of Bromo crater
During the 20th century, the mountain is popular as a tourist it burst three times, with a regular time interval, that is 30 years. Largest eruption occurred in 1974, while the last eruption occurred in 2004.

Regular visitor to this area since early morning with the goal to see the sun rising. To view them, you have to climb Mount Pananjakan which is the highest mountain in this area. Field that must be passed to go to Mount Pananjakan the field is heavy. From the foot of the mountain Mount Pananjakan, you have to go through desert-like area that can make you lose. When should ascend Mount Pananjakan, the narrow roads and many hairpin bend of which require high skills at the wheel.

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