Mount Agung in Bali Island

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MOUNT AGUNG is the highest mountain on the Bali Isaland. This volcano has a beginning, around 3142 meters above sea (dpl), but after the burst in 1963 is estimated to be down in 2920-3014 meters above sea ( dpl ). Currently, the highest peak of Mount Agung is located in the southwest, right on the top of the Pura Besakih.

For the Bali community, Mount Agung is a mountain that is a sign of holy majesty of God. One incident that occurred just appalling when Mount Agung is erupt in 1963 and killed about 1,000 people and damage to houses more than 100,000 inhabitants. However, strange natural disaster is not a means to create damage to the Pura Besakih is located only about 1 km from the crater of Mount Agung.

Mount Agung including climbing tourism in Indonesia. As the volcano is still active, presents a panorama of Mount Agung pillar bursts of smoke and sand and gravel from the pit crater with a diameter of 500 meters. If the weather being bright, the peak of this mountain tourist can enjoy the cities in the surrounding areas. This is the natural beauty attract tourists who climb to the peak of Mount Agung.

In order to run safe climbing activity, there is some taboo that should be avoided by climber. Prohibition is the first climb during the religious celebration in the Pura Besakih and Pura Pasar Agung. Other taboo, for women, tourists should not go up during menstruation. For, according to the trust of the local community, when these are two taboo will get natural.

Mount Agung is located in the District of Rendang, Karangasem District, Bali Province, Indonesia. For climbing activities, tourists can climb by two routes, the first route from Pura Besakih and Pura Pasar Agung's. Route from the Pura Besakih may be spelled quite popular, because through this route the climber will get to highest peak of Mount Agung. From Pura Besakih, tourists can travel to come to the time of the camp with about 4 hours on food. Next, climb the last mountain pass back enough even to reach the peak of the time with approximately 2 hours. Meanwhile, the ascent from Pura Pasar Agung to the summit takes between 3-4 hours. The only path through the climbing route Pura Pasar Agung more precipitous than the route from Pura Besakih.

Climbing activities conducted on the recommended dry season, between July-September, because in the rainy season, climbing routes will be more dangerous, more slippery roads, and the temperature at the top of the mountain could come down drastically. Therefore, the climber should complement of equipment such as wrap to maintain body temperature, flashlight, and food and water because time to ride and down the mountain can reach 15-20 hours.

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