Tea Garden In Wonorejo Village At Malang City

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Tea garden is located in the village Toyomarto Singosari District and Wonorejo Village, Lawang district at Malang Regency. Tourism object that offers the atmosphere of a cool mountain panorama and the beauty of nature. Not only that, this agro tourism is also regale knowledge of tea, that is picking tea leaves until the end of the process of the product is in the hands of consumers. Very interesting, because there is a lot of people do not know the process of making tea. Start from the tea leaves and then be experiencing the process to finally be able in the cup.

Agro Wonosari tea garden is located approximately 30 km northward of the city of Malang, and the District of Lawang precisely at the foot of Mount Arjuno. Quite easy to get there. You can use the public transport from the city of Malang to Surabaya direction. Stop at the gate terminal and change to the transportation of special Wonosari. The road is good, uphill, and full of beautiful natural scenery.

Entering this area, fresh air is exquisite. Only with Rp 5,000 rupiah per and 2500 for parking the car, you can enter and free to enjoy the wealth of nature in the garden area of this tea. Not surprisingly, with the beautiful natural garden tea Wonosari , many Dutch and other foreign tourists who often come in this area and lived long enough. There are two weekends to stay in hotel rooms that were intentionally provided to tourists.

The foreign tourists in addition to tea this walk, they prefer the to visit the tea factory built in the era of the Netherlands. They usually love the process of making tea. Sometimes they drink tea all day directly from the manufacturer and bring home the tea.

Agro Wonosari is the first tea garden areas in East Java that for a garden tour. Many communities Hash House Harrier who come to do a routine walk tea in the tea garden, and they sometimes make this tea garden as a place of routine community. In addition, a number of schools and universities in East Java are often activities in this place and also serve as the camping ground and other sporting activities. Sometimes also doing a climber to mount Arjuno, in the west garden of around 25 kilometers.

The beauty of nature in this area are very tempt anyone to explore the area. Many tourist both local and foreign not only satisfied a day to explore this area. There are up to one week stay here. Because not only selling the beauty of nature, agro Wonosari tea garden also provides a variety of attractions such as bathing facilities, hotels and tea factories.

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  1. its good places, i love natural places so wonderful for me, thanks for sharing, keep going i will be back


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