Enjoying The Beatiful Of Mount Arjuno

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East Java indeed have a lot of volcanoes, in addition is Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, there is one mountain that is Mount Arjuno located in the Cangar - Sumber Brantas. Batu City - Malang. The Top of mount Arjuna and mount Welirang are located on the same form of Park Forest Raya R. Soeryo, East Java. Mount Arjuna can be claimb from two directions, from the North (Tretes) through mount Welirang, and from the East (Lawang).

This mountain has a unique scenery of the mountains in the area of Java. In the mountains there are also a variety of ecosystems that add a beautiful trip to the top. Various animals that can be met in the journey to the top, such as, deer, birds, monkeys. Along the slopes this also grow various plants such as pine and edelweis. Route for departure from the direction of Surabaya, we Malang bus ride, get off at Pandaan and replace with public transport to the Tretes. Tretes is the Forest Tourism and there is a waterfall that is a beautiful waterfall that called Kakek Bodo. Tretes also in many different lodging available, with the cool air, so this place can be a comfortable resting place.

From Tretes we can immediately start the ascent of Mt. Welirang and Mt. Arjuna. After running between 2-3 hours of Tretes we can stop for a rest. To climb to the top we will go through the Cemara forest. After 5 hours walking we will reach the junction towards the peak direction to mount Arjuno and Mount Welirang. At the peak of Mount Welirang have a sulfur mining craters.

If we will continue to Gunung Arjuna we walk back down towards crossing about 10 minutes earlier. Travel to the summit of Mount Arjuno, will through pine forest with a ravine and through a fringe of Twin Mountain I Twin Mountain II. After 4-5 hours walk we reached the summit of Mount Arjuna. But before it we pass a place called Market Dieng, almost the same height with the peak of mount Arjuna. From here to the top only to take about 10 minutes. The temperature on top of mount Arjuna is between 5-10 degrees centigrade. In here we can enjoy the beautiful of panoramic, especially when the night, we can see to the bottom, cities such as Surabaya, Malang, Batu, Pasuruan. and the north sea with lamp vessel.

If we want to climb from the town of Lawang, from Surabaya direction to Malang by bus and get off at Lawang (approximately 76 km) and from the Arjosari , get the bus to the Lawang with distance 18 Km. From Lawang get in public transportation to the Wonorejo village it about 13 km . Climbing to the top is started from the village to the village of Tea Plantation Wonosari far as 3 km. Here we report on the guards and also ask permission to climb, water supply we also provide in this village.
From Wonosari village, continue to run through the tea garden Wonosari and continue to ride for 3 - 4 hours drive we will arrive in Oro - Oro Ombo is home to the camp. From Oro-oro Ombo to the top is required 6-7 hours travel through the forest that called LaliJiwo, but we must be careful because the road is a bit steep for the summit.

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  1. Mt.Arjuno the Very Beautiful And Suitable To Climb The hobby of mountain climbing


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