Travel to Semeru Mountain in East Java

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When you have been traveling in Malang and enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo or Balekambang beach, incomplete if not travel to Mount Semeru in East Java. Mount Sumeru is the highest volcano in Java, with its peak Mahameru, 3676 meters above sea level (mdpl). Craters on the summit of Mount Semeru, known by the name Jonggring Saloko. Position of this mountain region is located between the Malang district and Lumajang district, with the geographic position between 8 ° 06 'LS and 120 ° 55' BT. In 1913 and 1946 craters Jonggring Saloka has a dome with a height of 3744.8 M until the end of November 1973.

It takes about four hours to climb the peak of Semeru mountaun. To climb the mountain semeru can be through the city of Malang or Lumajang. From the city's we ascend to the village Overlapping transportation. Through again with a jeep or Trucks overlapping to Ranu Pani Post. But before we drop in Gubugklakah to obtain the permit.

By using the Truck or jeep trip starts from the Overlapping Ranu Pani, the last village at the foot semeru. In this Post, there are also stalls and cottages lodging. In this post, we can find the porter (local residents to help indicate the direction climbing, raise goods and cooking). Climber can also be lodged in the guard post. In the Ranu Pani Post, there are two lakes namely Lake Ranu Pani (1 ha) and Ranu Regulo lake (0.75 ha). Located at an altitude of 2200 mdpl.

The beginning of the sloping path, the slope of a hill with a vegetation dominated by reed. After walking about 5 km through the hills that flank many of Edelweis flower, and will arrive in Watu Rejeng. Here there is a very beautiful steep stone . Very beautiful scenery to the valley and hills, which pine and fir forest. Sometimes you can see the pillar of smoke from the top semeru.

To get to Ranu Kumbolo is still have to distance approximately 4.5 km. In Ranu Kumbolo we can build a tent. There is also a climber hut (shelter). There is a lake with water that is clean and has beautiful scenery, especially in the morning can see the sunrise is in between the hills. Ranu Kumbolo is at the altitude of 2400 m with an area of 14 ha.

From Ranu Kumbolo is should prepare as much as water then climb steep hills, with a very beautiful over the lake behind. In front of the hill lie the broad meadow called ‘ Oro-oro ombo ‘. Oro-oro ombo surrounded by hills and mountains, with a broad meadow slopes that is growed by pine trees like in Europe ..
When entering to the Cemara forest, sometimes we can find birds and deer. This area is called Cemoro Kandang. Kalimati post is on a height of 2700 m, you can build a tent to rest

By fringe the forest to west (right) there is a wellspring of Mani. In Kalimati and Arcopodo in the rat there are many mountains. For the Arcopodo must walk about 500 meters to the east, then to the south turning down the little meadow Kalimati. Arcopodo distance of 1 hour from Kalimati through pine forest which is very steep, with a simple soil erosion and dusty. We recommend using the glasses and nose cover because many ashes. Arcopodo be at the height of 2.900m, Arcopodo is the last region in the vegetation of Mount Semeru, the rest will be through a sand dune.

From the peak of Semeru Arcopodo take 3-4 hours, passing through the sand hills are very steep and easily degenerate. As a travel guide, in this path, there are some small triangular flag red. All goods should be carried live on Arcopodo or in Kalimati. Climbing towards the peak is done once in the morning at around 02.00 am from Arcopodo.Climbing should be done in the dry season months of June, July, August, and September. Should not climb in the wet season because of frequent storms and landslides. Does it very nice to try and travel to Semeru Mountain.
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