Delight Moment In Tanjung Benoa

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TANJUNG BENOA , which was known as the slums, has now become an object into the most total nautical tourism on the island of Bali. Yes, on the beach neighboring of Nusa Dua, now has become the middle of a wide range of water sports, from the jet ski, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, to flying fish. A range of tourism facilities that are named Benoa Tirta Marine Recreation (BMR) This has also been equipped with facilities hotels and international restaurants. Tourism Recreation Marine Benoa Tirta (BMR) is located in Kelurahan Tanjung Benoa, Tanjung Benoa District, Badung Regency, Bali Province of Indonesia.

Twenty-five years ago, Tanjung Benoa is a colony of fishermen and the poor slums. If only people used to rely on income from farming and fishing. At first, the area Tanjung Benoa is projected as one of the housing area for employees who work in the area BTDC. However, a number of investors paying attention in starting to develop this area as the location of the hotels, so people began to realize to take part in raising this area as a tourist destination.

Tanjung Benoa beach is located on the tip of the South Island of Bali. The location of land with enough waves to create a quiet area this is perfect for a variety of water sports. In this place, tourists can try a diversity of challenging water sports such as Jet Ski, parasailing, banana boat, snorkeling, scuba diving, glass bottom, or visit Turtle Island. A variety of water games are usually started at 8 o'clock until 12 pm. Experienced instructors that will provide assurance of safety and convenience for tourists will guide each game.

Sports that are attractive to try Jet Ski. In con of jet ski, tourists will be accompanied by the instructor to avoid injury. Instructors will usually ride jet ski from the beach to the edge to the sea, tourists can then take over in the middle of the sea.

In addition, there are also banana boats that can ride by 4 people plus 1 person instructor assistants. There are also games that use a parachute that drawn by a speedboat called parasailing. In this game, tourists who have been using the equipment will be parasailing by speedboat at high speed so that it will rebound to a height of 50 meters above sea level.

If you want to try snorkeling, tourists can rent equipment and services instructor. For this sport, tourists have the ability to swim required. In addition to snorkeling, you can also see the possessions under the sea with scuba diving. Scuba diving or dive with full equipment is one way to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea at Tanjung Benoa in more secure.

Another way to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Benoa sea is use glass bottom boat. Usually a glass bottom boat is a package tour to Turtle Island. On the island is still beautiful, tourists can see the turtle animal husbandry. Turtle-turtle is not only one kind, but there are several types. Some of them also have to have over 35 years old with a size big enough.

Tanjung Benoa is located at the tip of the South Island of Bali. It about 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, Bali, using a taxi or rental car. From Kuta beach is about 35 minutes and 10 minutes from Sanur beach. For the purposes of transportation to the object-tourism in Bali, tourists can take a bus tour, travel agents, taxis, and rental cars and motorcycles, because public transport is not yet widely available.

Found in Tanjung Benoa small shop that sell snacks and drinks packaging. Also on the turtle island, tourists need not worry if require food or drink, because the islands are found many food and beverage vendors. In Tanjung Benoa also available places to sit which can be used by tourists to relax. Tanjung Benoa area has been equipped with a variety of somewhere to live facilities and international, such as hotels and restaurants. In this area have also been available of small shop that sell souvenir, minimarket, and facilities for the Spa.
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